African turquoise killifish genome downloads

Download the NotFur1 genome assembly. Files in the archive:

  • NotFur1_genome_draft.fa: fasta genome file
  • NotFur1_protein_coding_gene_models_15-07-2014.gff3: annotated protein coding gene models gff3 file
  • NotFur1_high_confidence_lncRNA_genes.gff3: high confidence lncRNAs genes gff3 file
  • Notfur1_Infernal_predictions.gff3: Infernal predictions for structural RNAs gff3 file
  • NotFur1_rDNA_genes_31-10-2013.gff3: high confidence rRNA genes gff3 file
  • NotFur1_tRNA_genes.gff3: high confidence tRNA genes gff3 file

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  • NotFur1_genome_draft.masked.fa: masked fasta genome file, using the Teleostei Repbase repeat library and RepeatMasker

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    Download annotated variant calls from individuals of different turquoise killifish strains. Files in the archive:

  • GATK calls, annotated to their impact on genes using SNPEff. See included README file.

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    Download higher order scaffolding information for NotFur1 genome assembly. Files in the archive:

  • agp scaffolding roadmap from RNA-seq data
  • agp scaffolding roadmap from cross GxM linkage map data

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    Download excel table of manual gene curation information (password protected)

  • (open using 'unzip' and enter password).

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